Dot – Life Support LP

For producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Kate Ellwanger, music has always been her support system. Finding comfort and purpose amongst her warped rhythms, the multi-faceted artist drops her fourth studio LP ‘Life Support – a sprawling 16 track project celebrating companionship and intimate human connections. The rising star, known to most from her stage name Dot, has ties with LA beat collective Team Supreme and is the founder of the womxn-focused music label Unspeakable Records, Ellwanger is a champion for the often overlooked female producer. Creating and self-producing under her alias Dot, life support is filled with glitchy electronic rhythms and warped synth patterns – transporting you to the center of the cavernous dancefloor.  Check out a quote from Dot on the LP below and above that read a quote from her on the release!

“Having this creative practice to carry me through a particularly challenging year was a blessing on so many levels”, she offers. “A few days before the pandemic started in the US, I was running a producer challenge with hundreds of artists from around the world to create five new songs in five days, and to see what was possible when we set aside our excuses and doubts for a week and just focused on creating. As the world began to shut down and familiar structures fell apart, I decided to keep this pattern going. This practice was my unshakeable rock, and my online music community was (and still is) my lifeline throughout the pandemic. The past year has exposed so many gaps and wounds on socioeconomic and environmental levels that have been widening and festering for centuries. While making music in reaction to the magnitude of problems and suffering that our world faces seems trivial in many ways, I have faith in the forces of art and sound to create lasting structural changes and profoundly influence our societies. I hope that each of us can bring our unique spectrum of gifts to the table in the year ahead, knowing that there is strength in numbers and immeasurable positive impact that radiates through each small act of love and creativity.” – Dot