Dr Phunk x Rob Gee – The Sing Along Song

Dr Phunk x Rob Gee - The Sing Along Song

86%Overall Score

• Catchiest vocals since a long time ago
• Dr Phunk’s usual lead
• Hard-hitting, very dynamic structure

The idea, even if simple, is not unfamiliar for Dr Phunk to employ in his releases. I am a big fan of the Dutch Hardstyle creator, even though he’s releasing plenty of music that comes packaged with the same lead. Thankfully, there is another component in “The Sing Along Song“, collating all his decades of experience in the scene. Rob Gee!

Delivering a Hardstyle production that reflects the direction taken by the Revealed artist, the duo targeted a “commercial” vibe, suitable for most listening to EDM, while preserving the distinct elements… Hard kick, lead, and bassline among other sounds. While I was a bit disheartened by hearing that lead over dozens of times, a solid impression was instead made by the catchy vocal! It’s that kind of chant beloved in the Hardstyle rave community, effective in boosting people’s excitement. Rob Gee further brought a lot of freshness to the formula. In particular, the old-school touch is admirable in the kickdrums, which reminded me of the Jumpstyle movement, and the final execution remains extremely dynamic!

The Sing Along Song” is an amusing banger that is rarer in the current EDM wave, and even if the formula is a tad overused, the result is more than entertaining!

You can listen to “The Sing Along Song” here:

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