Will Sparks – Hard

Will Sparks - Hard

70%Overall Score

• Hints of Melbourne Bounce on Techno
• Typical, squeaky leads with old-school bass
• A balance between the roots and trending sounds

Since “Annihilate”, which left us with mixed reactions, the Australian producer has returned to Hardwell’s imprint with another Festival Techno release. Including the unusual schematics that have been popularized by Will Sparks, “Hard” is here with all its powerful and looming presence.

When compared to the previous Revealed releases, the latest track has drawn more resemblance to the Melbourne Bounce components, right down to the squeaky lead to the hard-hitting melody with a touch of an old-school Will Sparks bassline. Everything sounds closely linked to his signature, but there’s a long buildup that leans toward Techno. I found it slower than usual, yet able to create enough climax for the explosive entry from the drops. While the first one remains minimal, the final iteration introduces one of the typical Will Sparks lead, ending the sequence brutally!

This new style is certainly praiseworthy, as it seems that Will Sparks has found the precise balance between his roots and the trending wave of Techno. “Hard” melds new and old, while adhering to an entertaining Bounce drop, and is an excellent addition to the label’s catalog.

You can listen to “Hard” here:

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