CryJaxx x Sinny – MERCY

CryJaxx x Sinny - MERCY

72%Overall Score

• Repetitious vocal loop
• Eerie atmosphere, typical of these releases
• Hypnotic aura

Not more than a week ago, I mentioned the duo CryJaxx when discussing about Phonk, a new talk of the town in terms of trending genre, and here we go again with a fresh release on Tribal Trap! Together with Sinny, “MERCY” is the newest offering.

The darker, eerie vibe got me personally intrigued by the Phonk style, and “MERCY” puts the tick on all those ingredients. There’s a low-pitched repetitive vocal loop as the protagonist of this collaboration, perhaps the most foreseeable aspect of this genre. Though preferable at first, it grew redundant after a while and when melded in the background of the drop, the result is a hypnotic experience.

A suspenseful composite of trap leads and percussions gets together with the vocal for the entire duration, leading to an outcome that is somewhat linear for my tastes. There isn’t a drop per se, except when the bass gets slightly more vicious in its tendency, putting the listener into more hip-hop territory than usual. Nevertheless, thanks to its rather refreshing attempt, “MERCY” adopts the sparse formula described rather wisely and brings home an entertaining performance.

CryJaxx and Sinny presented an enjoyable synergy, as it got me more curious about the future developments awaiting this genre!

You can listen to “MERCY” here:

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