EDMsauce.com Favorite, Astroglitch, Releases Lightspeed EP – And it’s an Absolute Banger

EDMsauce.com fans, we love watching artist grow and hone their craft as they progress through the ranks and navigate the crazy world of production and music. One of our FAVORITE artists, Astroglitch, fits that bill perfectly. We have watched Astroglitch grow throughout the years with signature dark house and bass records, culminating in one of the BEST EP's we have heard in a long time. Lightspeed is a 2 track EP that blows the doors off of anything you've heard in the dark / bass genre – we promise you that. We really hope festivals get back on the circuit soon post-COVID19 so Astroglitch can really start making rounds and moving you all on the dance floor. There's so much to say about these tracks but we prefer that you simply just take a listen – the original Astroglitch flows through each measure, showing off incredible talent in the bass industry. Cannot wait to see Astroglitch main stage soon!