Mike Bello Brings Out Brand New Release ‘Operator’

Ever since kicking off his Dance music career just over a year ago, Mike Bello has been in the hot seat with an array of juicy releases that we can sink our teeth into. The Bunbury-born DJ and producer has an incredible knack for harnessing uplifting energy. He incorporates that energy in his music to display a totally unique sound made up of varied influences. It has definitely brought a breath of fresh air to the industry. As a proven testament to his hard work, Mike has gone on to be selected for an official remix of the major 2020 release ‘Sick Lullaby’ by Oliva Addams, all whilst working on a collaboration with the trailblazing Japanese powerhouse DJ ‘Takahiro Yoshihira’. Now, Mike Bellow has introduced a new exciting banger, ‘Operator‘, that will excite everyone in the clubs.

Mike Bello, the man behind ‘Operator’

Mike Bello has been pushing out absolute fury the past year, he has seriously impressed with his new tune ‘Operator’. He uses ‘Operator’ as a vessel to introduce his extroverted personality that encapsulates his unique flair. He incorporates large anticipating drops followed by high-energy punches of percussion and rhythm. These exciting punches will give everyone an insatiable urge to get up and dance. This gritty Electro House track is chopped full of exploding tones of percussion that brings about a wildness that makes you want to get up and move. You’ll definitely want to hit repeat as soon as the song is over! 

With each prolific release, it is evident that Mike Bello is quickly homing on his unique take on Dance music and his niche influences to flaunt his production skills with insane elements and an incomparable vibe. This has generated quite a buzz around his work and has put him in demand with many rising artists wanting to collaborate with him. With more exciting releases on the horizon, Mike Bello is definitely the artist to keep a watchful eye on.  

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