EDMTunes New Music Friday – Week 11

Listen to the most flavour-packed tracks we discovered this week.

Music makes the world go round. And in that regard, we’re constantly on the lookout for new, exciting tunes to share with our audience. We’ve found some that cause goosebumps, and make you open your eyes and get up from your chair to dance. So put on your best pair of headphones, or turn up your speakers, and enjoy this week’s New Music Friday.

Here are our top picks for the best music we came across this week, in no particular order.

Rafael Manga & Fabio Romagnoli – The Future

Genre: Melodic Techno, Progressive House

Kicking off this week’s NMF is an intercontinental collaboration that joins Rafael Manga and Fabio Romagnoli. While Manga, hailing from Brazil, has been making a name for himself across the different Beatport charts lately and signing on world-renowned labels, Romagnoli keeps his legacy alive, after more than twenty years in the industry under various names.

The Future‘ sees both talents come together for quite the forward-thinking tune. Enjoy a piece of the finest blend of Melodic Techno and Progressive House there is, with analogue-resembling bass patterns, fast-paced hats, and a heartfelt break.

TWERL – Chaos

Genre: Hard Trap

Australia’s finest, TWERL, is back to crushing duties this week with his new Hard Trap single out on Gud Vibrations. With past works published by imprints such as Mad Decent and Deadbeats, his music has been proven to be worthy of the attention it’s receiving time and time again. Today is no exception.

Chaos‘ is one unique track. Acid-like, fast-paced, upfront and potent, the song embodies TWERL’s core identity as an act, bringing the heat to the dancefloor, the car, and wherever you’re tuning this piece from. Be sure to have a fire extinguisher nearby — you might need it.

Midnight Pass, Sam Welch & GAM8Y – Paint My Tomorrow

Genre: Melodic House, Deep House

We’re so happy we’re featuring this very track! ‘Paint My Tomorrow‘ is not only a heavily polished collaboration, it is also the debut single of the US-based producer duo Midnight Pass. And, honestly, with a track this good for a first release, we can only begin to imagine what will come next for them.

The song is a beautiful Melodic House translation of building and creating the kind of life you dream of. In the duo’s words, “Grabbing the paint brush and painting the canvas of your life in order to create a brighter future“. Summoned for this composition, Sam Welch and GAM8Y also lent a hand, and they all came up with this fine tune.

Tenside – Pitch & Gold (Zardonic Remix)

Genre: Drum & Bass

In need of a higher-intensity-aimed record? This will be your pill then. There’s something about Drum and Bass taking over a Heavy Rock track. The two genres, opposite as night and day, somehow fit each other like a glove. It’s a wonderful pairing. A case in point is precisely the DnB/Metal bender Zardonic and his most recent remix.

Pitch & Gold‘ is an original record by Tenside, a modern Metal band from Germany. One, mind you, who’s been around for over fifteen years and has escalated several local and international charts. Enjoy Zardonic’s take on it, which manages to keep the energy and darkness of the original while morphing the arrangement into a much more club-friendly journey.

Dunes of Dawn & Dilon Karim – Dimension

Genre: Techno (Peak Time)

If you’ve been following our compilations since the beginning, you’d know we’ve featured the Dunes of Dawn duo before. In particular, they caught our attention with their song ‘Instinct’, which was a part of one of the first articles we did of these series (NMF and TTT). Well, we’re glad to say they’re back this week.

A new collaboration, ‘Dimension‘, is their most current release. Joined by producer Dilon Karim, the single is an incredibly energetic Peak-Time Techno piece, built for the darkest laser-decorated clubs. A track that is truly out of this dimension.

KRITIKAL – Pushin’ On

Genre: Drum & Bass

According to KRITIKAL, this track was created and ideated to be a hit in two vastly different environments: in the club, and in daily moments like driving back home from work. Honestly, had I not given this a listen, I would’ve never believed that could be possible. The Perth-born artist did something out of this planet in here.

Pushin’ On‘ is a unique Drum & Bass track, not only because of the aforementioned, but also because it has a sound that blends tons of textures. You can pinpoint influences from early DnB, as much as you can hear action movies, mystery, and even, if you squint your eyes hard enough, Rockstar videogames. All rolling over a seamless escalator of vintage percussion on modern production.

AVAION – You again

Genre: Melodic House, Deep House

This one hits just in the feels. And it is because German multi-instrumentalist and certified gold and platinum composer AVAION just released a rework of his 2019 alternative track ‘You’. ‘You again‘ reimagines the original under a modern, club-focused point of view, to blend the best of the past with the best of the present.

Rejuvenating the tempo, increasing the bassline intensity, and introducing new synths and broken beats, for longtime fans of the artist, ‘You again’ feels like a reencounter with an old friend. Furthermore, this track will be a part of AVAION’s debut album, coming out next month.

Nico Falla – Eres Para Mí

Genre: Tech House

This is a choo-choo-choon! I might be slightly biased because, growing up, this song by Julieta Venegas was on all radio stations, and so it’s embedded in my mind. Young Guatemalan producer Nico Falla found a spectacular way of flipping this catchy Latin Pop track into a dancefloor flamethrower.

With a frankly irresistible Tech House base, Falla’s take on ‘Eres Para Mí‘ blends the best of both worlds, taking advantage of the spiky original guitar, complimenting it with spicy chords played in a soft, phased way, and letting Julieta’s voice shine just like it has on this single since 2007. Sweet.

Santi & Tuğçe – Haiku

Genre: Organic House, Melodic House

We’ve been through thick and thin on this week’s NMF, ranging from the hardest drops to the grooviest beats. So what better way to wrap it up than with a beautiful, melodic, almost melancholic masterpiece? Welcome to ‘Haiku‘, the latest from the duo Santi & Tuğçe. One from Paraguay, the other from Turkey, life led their paths to merge, and are now expressing love and intimate connection through one of the purest forms of art there is: music.

‘Haiku’ is an Organic House, and apologies for repeating myself, masterpiece. Let the piano fly your worried mind away, wash your fears off you with each and every element carefully placed where it belongs. I’ll leave you with a little thought, courtesy of Santi & Tuğçe: “With the simplicity and intensity of a haiku, this track reminds us to open our eyes to the beauty surrounding us and to live our lives in love“.

Final Words

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