EDMTunes New Music Friday – Week 4 (Part Two)

Because one wasn’t enough this week.


Here are even more of our top picks for our New Music Friday series, in no particular order.

SUPER DARK – I’ve Got You

Genre: Trap, Future Bass

A rising star of the EDM scene, SUPER DARK has made sure to tell the whole world why he’s the next sensation. With only two releases on Spotify during 2023, he still managed to accrue plays to a very respectable 58k. He’s starting the year on a high note with his fourth-ever release.

I’ve Got You‘ blends high-intensity leads you could easily find in a Big Room track, with the untameable power of Hard Trap. While you enjoy the dark, spacey breaks, you can’t begin to imagine how filthy the beats will be in just a couple sections.

Tatsunoshin x Massive New Krew feat. SONJA – Let Go

Genre: Hardstyle, Happy Hardcore

This one has a sound as massive as the minds behind its creation. On one side, there’s Tatsunoshin, a 22-year-old prodigy who’s released on NCS, Revealed, Spinnin’, and more. On the other side, we have Massive New Krew, yet another Japanese unstoppable talent with a handful of releases and festivals under his belt.

The two have summoned singer and songwriter SONJA for the vocal lines of their latest release, ‘Let Go‘, a hands-in-the-air Happy Hardcore banger, ready to wake up even the most stubborn crowds with its powerful beat and epic melodies.

Jake Silva & Frankie Sims – Play Pretend

Genre: Future House, Progressive House

You should know how good these guys are, given we’ve already shared one of their past collaborations. Powerhouse duo Jake Silva and Frankie Sims have been on a roll lately! Their next song, ‘Play Pretend‘, follows the momentum they’ve gained.

Forward-thinking, dynamic and fastly paced, ‘Play Pretend’ sits a sweet vocal over a groovy House base, with tons of ear candy, tension, and chopped elements. This one will get you dancing well past midnight on any night out. Don’t trust us, test it yourself!

Capochino – Woke Symphony

Genre: Brostep, Dubstep

Espresso yourself“. That’s the catchphrase of Bass producer Capochino. This guy has mastered the art of infusing all hard-hitting half-tempo subgenres, and let’s just say his latest release is a case in point regarding that. Not even three weeks after the release of ‘Woke Symphony‘, the track has already been played over 80,000 times on Spotify alone.

Try to count how many different growls are being played throughout Capochino’s latest tune. A diverse selection of the most electric basslines and monster-resembling elements all come together for a track that is as epic as it is intense. Fair enough.

Sam Foxx – Nuke

Genre: Heavy Drum & Bass

This NMF wouldn’t be complete without a proper dose of heavy Drum & Bass. And who better to ask to deliver than LA-based Sam Foxx, a 29-year-old producer who’s been not only noticed but also supported by the likes of genre trailblazers such as Pendulum, 12th Planet, and Andy C. It all has to do with his powerful sound.

Nuke‘, the title track from his most recent EP — the Nuke EP —, takes part in a dystopian future in which robots take over the world after a nuclear war. And just as you’d expect from such an idea, this piece is chaotic, filled to the brim with war-resembling sounds, electric shocks, and neverending DnB goodness. Best enjoyed with the volume knob turned to 11.

Marian Klose – Only You

Genre: Light Drum & Bass

Marian Klose is one of the most original up-and-coming German producers we’ve got in mind. Known for releasing an impressive amount of music time and time again, his sound is a tangential play between the Dance world and straight-up being a composer.

Taken from his 2023 thirteen-track album There Is No Place Like Home, ‘Only You‘ grabs a chopped floaty atmosphere and adapts it to Drum & Bass, resulting in a sweet, kind and levitating track that showcases just one of the many paths Klose chooses when creating his craft. We recommend you listen to everything he’s got to show.

Final Words

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