Eelke Kleijn Drops New EP, ‘Regenerator / Lately’

Dutch electronic music producer Eelke Kleijn, famous for his top-notch extended sets in techno and house for over 20 years, has released new EP, Regenerator / Lately. The Regenerator / Lately EP is out on the DAYS Like NIGHTS record label, which Eelke Kleijn also founded, and it is a progressive house EP that allows the listener to feel upbeat, relaxing vibes as the soundscapes surround them. Regenerator / Lately is the first EP release of 2024 for Eelke Kleijn and the artist’s first multi-track since last year’s release of the DAYS Like NIGHTS 2023 compilation album. Click ‘Play’ on the Spotify link below to listen to the two vibrant tracks that will get the weekend off to another positive start.

The Regenerator / Lately EP from Eelke Kleijn will ease everyone’s moods

The first track of the EP, ‘Regenerator‘, has rolling rhythms that provide an easy transition for the listener, especially if they’re at an event where they can get on the dancefloor very quickly from the barstools. This track includes tranquil sonic sounds that also supports maintaining a fun atmosphere as the listeners dance the day (or night) away. The second and last track of the EP, ‘Lately‘, is a much more energetic track as the rhythmic tempo leads the listeners to a state of excitement and relaxation wherever they may be. This track provides a vibe that one can find in classic trance hits of the late 90s-early 2000s, thus it can bring back fond memories for an old-school listener of this track of a memorable time in electronic dance music history. Finally, this EP is a musical release that one should listen to in whatever mood they are in.

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