Electronic Dance Music as a Tool to Influence the Behavior of Gamblers

Music is an important part of the culture. It’s almost impossible to imagine movies, games, and tv shows that don’t have background music. Moreover, we cannot imagine a bar, nightclub, restaurant, or cafe without music. We are simply used to something playing in the background. Of course, it’s not just our habit to listen to music, this is an important part of our lives, and the world would be a sad place without it. Here we are going to focus on music in casino games, or in casino establishments. We will list why it is important and also how it affects our behavior while we gamble.

The Soundtrack in Casino Games

There are several reasons why the casino soundtrack plays such an important role.

  • Increase in player immersion
  • Faster soundtrack songs are more exciting, and excitement is important for operators
  • Slots have different themes and should have corresponding music that fits a certain theme
  • Players lose more frequently than they win, bonuses, freespins, and even music can improve their mood

There is simply no way sounds can negatively affect casino games. Those who are gambling on PC or mobile can easily turn the sound off if they don’t like it. Online pokies or slot games are the most consumed casino content on both online and offline gambling parlors. Additionally, there are thousands of online pokies NZ, or real money slots to choose from. It’s even surprising to play a game that someone doesn’t like given such a vast choice since anyone can find NZ best online pokies tailored to their preference. So, it’s clearly an important element of the experience, and there is no good reason not to use it.

Electronic Dance Music in Casinos

Ever since casinos started to become mainstream, and began to tap into different marketing techniques, their way of business started to change. The architecture, the staff, and the environment were all important elements of the overall experience. The goal was always to make people stay longer, and anyone who stays longer is more likely to spend more cash. This is why EDM‘s impact on behavior is an important factor. Nowadays, most gambling enthusiasts are middle-aged men and operators want to make their content more appealing to a younger audience.

By adding EDM as their casino soundtrack younger people are more likely to enjoy their stay, and stick around. Of course, these companies do much more than add a few new songs to their playlist. We have seen a change in the design philosophy of games, and we got different slots that have a more video game experience. Additionally, we all live in on-demand culture and expect to get swift service, so fast payouts or instant withdrawal casinos also become significantly more popular.

How EDM Influences Player’s Mood

This is party music, and it associates people with a good time, and positive vibes. This means we are more likely to be in a good mood while EDM plays in the background. Players will often lose and need something to lift their spirits. They also need to create positive associations with the casino in order to feel better while playing, and once again EDM helps operators achieve that goal. It’s also helpful if a minimum deposit is required to play, as users are more likely to agree to pay a small amount of money than to commit $20 or more.

It’s really helpful if the sound can be heard outside of the establishment. This way any bypassers who are looking for a place to have fun will be drawn to the casino. It’s pretty common for gambling parlors to organize live music events, as their main goal is to get as many guests as possible. Luck-based games don’t require massive promotion, they are alluring on their own, and anyone who is inside the establishment will think about placing a bet or two. 


Electronic dance music might not be the most effective user acquisition tool, but it is definitely effective enough. Casinos, both online and offline use it to boost user engagement. Clearly, it is very smart to have a diverse soundtrack or multiple music genres, as guests with different preferences are stopping by to play.