Electronic Dance Music – Volume 2

Electronic dance music or EDM is a broad term to cover many genres. Among the top three in this field are club, soft and hard music. Technically speaking, “EDM” covers any electronic dance music that contains three or more rhythms. The most popular form of this genre is “trap”, which was created in the early 2000s by American producers. This was followed by “breakbeat”, “dancestep”, “house”, “house music”, “rave”, “breaks” and “downtempo”.

As it is the case with most technological breakthroughs, electronic dance music euphoria has affected artists as diverse as David Guetta, Zedd, Justin Timberlake, Avicii, Panda, and many others. These artists have all been able to cross-pollinate and gain global recognition. The chart positions of these artists continue to prove the growing influence of this genre. In the past, these artists only reached the top of the DJ charts due to their massive popularity among dance clubbers. Now, they are able to challenge the best DJs in the industry.

At the end of August, one particular artist will be able to occupy the top two spots on the DJ charts. This will be the year’s first ever non-mover in the chart. The name of this act is Avicii. In fact, this new act has not had the advantage of being promoted as a single yet. But this is set to change once they enter the chart.

It may be difficult to imagine that trance pop and heavy metal can be included in the description of electronic dance music euphoria. In reality, both of these genres enjoyed great popularity in the early part of this decade. But trance music gradually became more dominant in the mainstream. The major reason for this was the success of artists like Kanye West and Jay Z. At present, there are still many underground artists that are able to tap into the huge niche fans of trance music.

A major highlight of the upcoming year will be the formation of this very unique new sub-genre. Electronic dance music including trance will dominate the chart at the conclusion of this year. This will be an exciting time for producers who have mastered the art of creating trance tracks. They will finally realize their dreams of making it big in a major dance music festival such as Coachella.

Of course, this is not the only reason why Ibiza and other dance music hotspots will host numerous events this year. It has been widely confirmed that this summer’s world famous nightclubs will once again become packed with visitors from around the world. This means that the artists promoting this new style of electronic dance music will have even more fans from all over the world. If you are one of these artists lucky enough to be featured in an Ibiza rave showcase then your chances of selling out will be even higher!

One of the main factors that make Ibiza so popular with clubbers from across the world is its warm and humid climate. This is perfect for promoting any electronic dance music featuring hard house. Many of these clubbers start coming to the island in the summer months. The atmosphere of the club can be likened to that of a steamier than usual night at a nightclub. What’s more, there is always the constant threat of rain!

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