Eric Prydz Releases Pryda – ‘The Return’

‘Pryda’, Eric Prydz‘s upbeat and vibrant alias who makes dreamy progressive house jams, has finally released ‘The Return’. This track, ‘The Return’, is the first Pryda track in five years and it is released under Eric Prydz’s house music label Pryda Recordings. Additionally, fans will also get to stream another Pryda track, ‘Of Me’, when it comes out on July 28th. First off though, ‘The Return’ is a track that will leave fans grooving out continuously for the whole weekend. Here is a quick summary of ‘The Return’.

*Featured Cover Photo Credit: Eric Prydz / Pryda

The Pryda single ‘The Return’ made its first appearance in style

To summarize how fans first got to hear Pryda’s ‘The Return’, the track first came into conscience at Eric Prydz’s HOLO show at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona. When Prydz announced ‘The Return’ at the festival, he had a mesmerizing graphic visual of an astronaut trying to get out of a cage. This new single has energetic synths that provided anticipation for beats that can transport fans into a new dimension, whether if they’re dancing by themselves at home, at an underground club, or on festival grounds.

Start start listening to Pryda’s ‘The Return’ now by clicking Play on the Spotify link above. Furthermore, stay tuned for more details as well on the upcoming release of ‘Of Me’, set for July 28th.