ETC! ETC! & Spyda T.E.K – Sueltalo EP

Signed to Slow Roast Records, ETC! ETC! & Spyda T.E.K ‘s Sueltalo EP, fills a space where the best elements of both DJ talents live in harmony. Across 3-tracks and stacked with high octane bass, the club-friendly bangers, ETC!ETC! & SpydaT.E.K, have contributed something that’s full-force and time-testing. The project is composed of “Bang”, “Sueltalo”, “Dale Dale”, three fiery originals that will have you bobbing along to them without a doubt. With Joell and Audio Kartel featured as collaborators, ETC!ETC! & SpydaT.E.K’s overall bold confidence and an undeniable exotic edge is just the start of the Slow Roast-signed Sueltalo EP. Check out the EP now after the jump!