[Event Review] Fred Again.. Stuns In NYC For Three Nights At Forrest Hills Stadium

Fred again.. has become one of the biggest and most sought-after names in the Dance music scene. Fred began his musical journey at a young age, honing his skills as a DJ and producer. His unique style effortlessly fuses elements of House, Garage, Hip-Hop, and Pop, creating a signature sound that has captured the attention of music enthusiasts worldwide. His innovative approach to production and live performance has taken the industry by storm. One of Fred’s defining features is his ability to capture raw emotions and experiences in his music and interactions with the audience. His tracks often carry a sense of nostalgia and introspection, and often feature samples from his own life, or friends and loved ones, making him a favorite among those who appreciate the emotional factor in Electronic music. This was evident in his three back-to-back sold-out shows in New York City’s Forrest Hills Stadium.

Photo by Theo Batterham

Fred’s Formula Towards Production

In a world where EDM shows now value high sparkly production over depth, we can often forget the emotional connection artist can create with their fans. Fred again..’s show had a shockingly simple production. Three large screens, platforms from where he performed, and some scattered strobe lights. Every visual, light, and element of this show was tinted red, white, or blue depending on the song or emotion Fred was trying to invoke. Missing were lasers, high-beam movers, projectors, and complex lighting rigs. This intentional simplistic design came with haze machines and LEDs behind the aforementioned screen set up to create the illusion that they were floating.

This at-a-glance simple setup intentionally created a very intimate vibe and complimented Fred’s performance style and visuals, which were a combination of home videos he has taken over the years as well as live iPhone-esque shots of him playing live on a MIDI controller. This centered the show’s entire focus on the crowd, the artist, and the emotional connection they had. It captured the emotion and impact of his music. It was truly a live performance worth remembering, and stands out compared to the often zombie-like trance of some modern-day shows; where crowds sway continuously in swirling patterns on a large LED screen with hypnotic time-coded lights. This show was all about audience interaction, and Fred was performing live numbers matching the audience’s enthusiasm and response, all the while changing up the energy so that the show did not feel stagnant.

Photo by Theo Batterham

Even More Uniqueness

Halfway through the show, Fred moved through the crowd to the back of the stadiums where he played for over 30 minutes on a separate setup, giving the bowl-seated attendees a fresh and close-up view, whipped the floor attendees into a frenzy, and created a 360-degree immersive experience. It struck me as unique in the sense that, once again, Fred’s unique ability to produce beat work and complex tracks live took center stage and the production and shiny distractions fell to the background. Everyone was lost in the music, to the extent that at one point I noticed there was absolutely not a single phone up recording, everyone was dancing and embracing each other. This is something that will stay with me forever: the joy on people’s faces dancing with their friends and loved ones. Music truly brings us together.

While I only attended the Friday show, I have heard similar reviews from friends who attended the other shows this last weekend. And although it rained during the Saturday show, Fred was still able to pull out an amazing performance that had many singing praises. Forrest Hills Stadium itself is a great venue; with a well-organized entry and exit process, festival-style food booths, merch stands, and state-of-the-art amenities. This all combined to make one amazingly memorable and unique live show. With a continually evolving sound and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of electronic music, Fred again.. is truly shaping up to be a titan in the global dance world and we can’t wait to see the heights he will reach. Check out his upcoming tour dates right here.