REZZMAU5 rises! Deadmau5 and REZZ pair up another time for “Infraliminal”

REZZMAU5 rises! Deadmau5 and REZZ pair up another time for “Infraliminal”

85%Overall Score

• Plethora of sound design
• Evolving layout
• Sparse, with subtle details

Mau5trap fans were pleased to their cores when “Hypnocurrency” was revealed to the public, and for all the right reasons. Combining the might of the revered Deadmau5 with the powerhouse talent REZZ was expected with an abundance of hype. Nearly two years later after the critical acclaim of their first collaboration, the two have finally decided to team up as a duo; their first EP “Infraliminal” is a fascinating entry to their joint discography.

Deadmau5 recent inclination for forming shared projects with other well-known figures in the scene has seen immense success and look no further than Kx5. Together with American EDM pioneer Kaskade, the Mau5trap label-head ventured into the mainstream leaning melodic techno/house scene with an experimental edge— giving us gems such as “Escape” (With Hayla), “Alive” (featuring the Moth & The Flame) and an entire debut album filled with heaters.

Since this year, REZZ has equally built the hype, releasing several singles, summed up in an EP later last July, titled “IT’S NOT A PHASE.” The said compilation puts forth a different facet to REZZ’s glitchy sonics, fully embracing the moody and goth and punk rock lingering with a suspenseful witching hour theme: a formidable companion to the gritty midtempo electro sound donned by her.

Getting into “Infraliminal,” the instrumental doesn’t hit right away but rather escalates after introducing stabbing off-kilter, and almost laser-like synth stabs. One can feel the sound design prowess on display here, as more unconventional inclusions come in. The groove solely fixates on these abnormal synth riffs, as the breakdown brings a sense of serenity; airy pads, similar to ambient music form the interlude. All calm is shattered right after as a heavy wobble synth abruptly kicks in: bringing a whole new tonality. The secondary drop is pure old-school complextro (remember “Superliminal” from 2012?). Another VIP edit from REZZ dubbed as “Isabelle’s version” brings in familiar trance plucks to the breakdown, without many noticeable variations (attentive listeners might catch more details as they listen).

In a matter of seconds, the song alters and transforms without friction, finishing in a completely different state from when it began! “Infraliminal” is an outstanding initiation to REZZMAU5, and hopefully, there are more such avant-garde records on the horizon!

You can listen to “Infraliminal” here: