EVER – There’s Nothing Small About You EP

Rising R&B-pop artist unleashes lush & hypnotic new EP

Louise Smith, aka EVER, is the next pop R&B artist on a trajectory of success with her new EP There’s Nothing Small About You, which explores rich and atmospheric vocals and places listeners in a hypnotic trance. There’s Nothing Small About You is an expertly constructed EP, and shares similar vibes to artists such as Oh Wonder and The Japanese House with its loud yet delightful sound. 

The six-track EP boasts a rich and warm blend of swift production, hard beating drums, flavorsome vocals and basslines. The first track “Selfish” sets the tone perfectly, with a song structure that’s catchy and able to make crowds sway from side to side. Followed with “Natural Wonder,” a synth pop hit that radiates lush bass and her impressively delightful and energetic rhythms.

Packed with a heartfelt meaning, EVER shared: “Each song on this EP is a snippet of the constant conversations I seem to have with myself, internally trying to navigate my way through love, jealousy, betrayal, joy, grief…This internal dialogue was definitely heightened over the past 2 years with all the time we’ve had to spend in our own company, but luckily it led me to this collection of songs. With the title ‘There’s Nothing Small About Talking To You’ I tried to encapsulate how I can’t seem to avoid huge, deep topics when talking to myself”.

This EP demonstrates EVER’s successful ability to explore different sides to her sound. Rrevious releases such as “Close” display her pop sensibility shine through, while “Indigo Sky” highlights the emotions of losing someone you love.

Inspired by ’00s childhood films, she shares, “I’m an incredibly nostalgic person, and whilst writing these songs I delved back into my favorite 00’s childhood songs to feel a sense of familiarity and comfort. It was joyous recording my vocals for this record because it just felt like talking, there was an ease to it I have never felt before. I tried to make some bolder choices with the production and melodies, with the aim of leaning in deeper to the music I have always wanted to make.”

There’s Nothing Small About You is out now via Yada Yada Music. You can stream it below: