Yultron x LLLLNNNN – Pump It

Yultron x LLLLNNNN - Pump It

76%Overall Score

• Dirty leads, relentless bassline
• Unstopping rave-like sequences
• Minimal with finer attention to details

You may know Yultron for a plethora of interesting releases in the Dub/Bass House realm, including a supreme “Nightlight” remix in 2021, or “Taken” along with Zeds Dead, and more recently, his experimentation with Trance as heard in “Here and Now“. We are introducing a peculiar creator, holding several arrows in his quiver.

Amidst all these tracks, one impressed us a few months back: “Emergence” with LLLLNNNN. A fast, vicious collaboration with boatloads of funs and frenzy, it helped us discover the second participant, who despite the slightly difficult-to-spell alias, holsters a lot of potentials.

The duo is back at Basscon with a sort of follow-up, since “Pump It” retains the similar raving attributes of its predecessor, maybe mixing in a bit more of the Yultron touch. Hard-hitting kickdrums reminded us of the infamous “Eastern Europe” Hardbass, while the dirty leads are directly a tribute to the classic Electro House sounds. Firebeatz, note this one down!

There isn’t much to be remarked about the melody, which holds onto a linear cadence; the real protagonist, however, is the bassline which slowly unfolds by adding and removing finer details. The outcome is a non-stop rave, exaggeratedly fast if analyzed in a quiet environment, but one can only imagine the consequences when “Pump It” gets played at a crowded festival.

It’s rare to derive such a minimal set-up, capable of rendering so much noise. It’s a potent one to try out for the upcoming events, perhaps mixed with a slower breakdown for a brutal anti-climax!

You can listen to “Pump It” here:

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