Exploring Kallaghan’s Journey: From Rock to Electronic Music – A Musical Evolution Unveiled

Prepare to embark in this exclusive interview, were we dive into the creative world of Kallaghan, a French music Producer, DJ and musician whose journey from Rock to Electronic music has been impressive. From touring as a Rock artist to producing powerful hits, Kallaghan‘s versatile career has led him to the forefront of the Electronic music scene, sharing the stage with names like Diplo and Steve Aoki, to name a few. Join us as we explore his musical evolution, creative process, and the electrifying energy he brings to both DJing and producing. 

Hey Kallaghan, how are you? 

I am great, thank you. Comment ça va?  

All good here, thanks! Can you start by telling us more about yourself?  

I am a French music Producer and musician, I moved to Los Angeles 10 years ago and just got settled in Miami more recently. I come from the Rock industry, I toured as a Rock artist (singer / guitar), produced and wrote a lot for Rock artists. Worked in creating music content too, for video games and tech companies. I always owned recording studios and I am about to re-open my “Kallaghan Studios” here in Wynwood Miami.  

How did you initially discover your passion for music? What was your journey like into the world of Electronic Music? 

Honestly it’s a weird one, haha… when I was a teenager, I had a “peritonitis” surgery and was stuck at home for months. A friend gave me Cubase and I started recording my guitar: I was hooked. As far as I can remember, I’ve always been in the studio. 

When I was still in France, I had that vision to add Electronic elements into Rock music but the French market wasn’t the right place for that. We are a great country for Electronic music, but we have a very small scene in Rock and Heavy Rock. The music business is very conservative there and I was looking for “uniqueness”. 

It always felt like I was out of place there. After living in the UK and in Ireland, I finally moved to California, and I had the chance to start working with Falling In Reverse on the album ‘Just Like You’. It was amazing to feel understood and Ronnie was a big fan of my “euro” synths, as you can hear on his songs such as ‘Wait and See’. From there, I had the chance to produce and write for tens of bands there and open my own studio in LA. I still work with Falling in Reverse up to this day.  

Fast forward to 2019 when I was producing a song for my friend Lexus. She came with her boyfriend who sat quietly on the couch, I had no idea who he was. After being done with our session, he asked me if I was making Electronic music myself. I played him a few tracks and he jumped on the couch and said “what the F dude, why aren’t you out there DJing and promoting your own music instead of making music for others?” It was Pasquale Rotella, haha. He then introduced me to the scene and after the pandemic, I was able to get started with live shows early 2022. I had never DJed hahaha, I DJed all 2022, and had the chance to spin with Diplo, Malaa, Steve Aoki, even played at EDC Las Vegas 2022. I also opened my own indie label with my homie CT called Grail Records, who helped me fund my project and which who I still work with to this day.   

I have a good team around me, shout out to them Yair Hilu, Jake Mercer and Sal Moreno. 

For a newcomer to your music, which track of yours would you recommend as the perfect starting point to explore your sound and why? 

It’s really hard to define me with just one song. I have made music for so long I don’t know how to put myself in a box. My one song getting the most streams as of now is “Am I Right”: Big Room, Deep/Bass House, 90s feel, huge FM Bass and catchy melodies with a pronounced “riffy” vibe, remember I am a guitarist in the first place, I like “riffs” haha. 

I’ve released 22 original IDs since last year and 4 remixes, most of what I play in my sets. But music evolves and my taste too.  

Before starting your journey into Electronic Music, you established yourself as a sought-after guitarist, vocalist, and beatmaker, working with artists across a range of genres. How do you think your background has influenced your approach to DJing and Producing? 

In the studio I always love hitting the “play button”. “Hey man, check this out”. That’s always been my only way to communicate properly with the rest of the world. So, it was logical than getting behind decks would be “natural”. I have been DJing for 1.5 years, but this year, I am focusing on to becoming more of an “Electronic act”. Inserting in my upcoming shows guitars and other live synths performances.  

What has been your biggest achievement so far in your career?   

Honestly, just being able to wake up every day, creating for a living is the biggest achievement for me. My ego would tell you that I got more than a billion streams and a few gold records as a producer. It does matter to me, but I love the creative process and make listeners happy more than anything else.  

Can you tell us about your process for creating energetic and powerful live sets?  

I have a Rock approach to it. I like bringing people on a journey and make sure there is “progression” and “relief” in my sets. I love “riffy” tracks (House/Bass House) and big melodic transitions (Deep House). I also love to drop into big Techno parts.  

How would you describe your style to someone who hasn’t heard your music yet? 

Imagine a mix of Chris Lake, Wax Motif and Slanders but with a pronounced “fuck you” attitude, haha. 

What challenges have you faced so far as an artist, and how have you worked to overcome them? 

Honestly, I am pretty blessed. My biggest challenge is dealing with people in the industry who aren’t here for the art but just for the money and the ticket sales.  

I see a lot of Electronic artists doing it “just to do it” and it pisses me off. They don’t care if people have a great time, they are more focused about who knows who and the “clout” they can get. Most of them don’t even write their own tracks or their own sets, haha. 

What’s difficult for me is to focus on one sound and be put in a box, when my main focus is to be able to make things authentic. 

Could you share a particularly memorable moment that stands out in your career so far?  

As a DJ, I’d say when I broke my pants at the Edition in NYC, one of my managers, Yair, had to hold them for a good hour as I was spinning, and we couldn’t get it fixed, LOL.  

What’s next for Kallaghan? 

I am preparing my “live show” for 2024, getting more in the festival scene. I am also opening a new creative space in Miami where I’ll be podcasting, streaming and showing off my creative process. I am also developing my label Grail Records, starting to do more collabs and signing songs of upcoming artists that I love.  

My goal has always been to bend genres and break boundaries and it still is to this day. LFG! 

We thank Kallaghan for sharing his incredible journey, creative insights, and passion for music with us. As he continues to break boundaries and evolve as an artist, we look forward to witnessing his future endeavors, projects and the unique contributions he will make to the world of Electronic music. 

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