FISHER & Chris Lake To Take Over Hollywood Boulevard For A Groundbreaking Under Construction Street Party

Get ready to rock the iconic Hollywood Boulevard like never before! Framework and Goldenvoice have joined forces to bring you a historic event—the Hollywood Boulevard Takeover. FISHER & Chris Lake, are scheduled to drop a set atop the Titanic’s End, a debut art car stage for Framework and Goldenvoice. The electrifying duo, are set to grace the stage at the Titanic’s End for a mesmerizing edition of their Under Construction series. Imagine the beats pulsating through the heart of Hollywood, echoing off the towering buildings. This event promises a night of auditory magic that you won’t want to miss!

A Fusion of Music and Conservation

The Titanic’s End stage, designed like a colossal interactive iceberg, is more than just a musical venue. It stands as a symbol of ocean conservation, aligning with Burning Man’s 2030 Sustainability Roadmap. The stage, a masterpiece of lighting technology, hosts the dynamic duo amidst an ocean-themed ambiance. This isn’t just about beats; it’s about creating an immersive experience that leaves you awe-inspired.

Hollywood Boulevard Transformation

Hollywood Boulevard is no stranger to musical marvels. Kaskade once rocked this boulevard, the energy so electric that it shut down due to an influx of fervent fans. Now, FISHER & Chris Lake are set to follow in those legendary footsteps. From its roots at Framework Fridays to the iconic Coachella Festival, this boulevard has seen it all. But this Hollywood Boulevard Takeover is about to etch its name in history as the most groundbreaking Under Construction show yet.

The owner of Framework, Kobi Danan, had the following to say:

 “From the beginning, one of our main goals has been to foster community building in and outside of our events. This is why we are honoured to have been granted the privilege by the Hollywood community board, local and city officials, and the surrounding businesses to host an event of this magnitude in our backyard. Hollywood is our home– we could not imagine any other location to host an event of this calibre– and we hope that through this unprecedented occasion we can continue to further reinvigorate Hollywood as more than just a tourist destination, but a destination for our communities to come together for an evening, and many more to come, that they will never forget.”

Lastly, Tickets start at $125. In conclusion, you can buy them HERE

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