Fancy Inc & Bruno Be – Would You Blame Me

n a collaboration that is sure to take the Australian dance scene by storm and captivate listeners from all over the world, Fancy Inc and Bruno Be have just shared their astronomical new tune, “Would You Blame Me.” Driven by an incredibly powerful vocal performance, on top of sparkling production, “Would You Blame Me” perfectly display’s the two acts’ unmatched skills, and sets them up for an explosive 2022.

The tune kicks off with intoxicating melodies and basslines, before the drop explodes with the help of groovy low end, catchy house drum work and bright synths. “Would You Blame Me” is one of those tunes that could light up any dancefloor and connect with ravers worldwide, yet would also easily grab the attention of mainstream radio listeners during daytime hours. Slated for massive success, “Would You Blame Me” is a tune that shouldn’t be missed by any house music fans.