It’s Time To Get Excited About StevenCharles’ New Single

StevenCharles drops a second single, a fantastic new song called “Love You Still”. Showcasing his exceptional vocals and intense emotions through his tone, StevenCharles proves the world how truly talented he is. The song is focused around a relationship where he is reassuring his love interest of how strong their love is. One would think this is a typical motive but StevenCharles does things his way and the result is always uniquely beautiful.

StevenCharles is a Montreal, CA-native singer-songwriter who moved to NYC to pursue a music career. He’s been writing songs with his brother since the young age of six years old. 

He splits his time between New York City and Atlanta, where his brother resides, and where he records his music at Patchwerk Studios. He lists John Legend and Alicia Keys as the artists who mainly influenced and inspired him to create his own lane in music.

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