Fast & lovely! Otto Knows’ shift into hard house packs quite the octane.

• Atmospheric pads
• Bouncy lead synths
• 2000s inspired

Nothing beats a classic and no-frills type dance music tune, and Otto Knows has the superb precision of crafting those along with his flair to the mix. Our encounter with “Your Love” left us thoroughly enchanted. Straightforward yet loaded with an athletic type of upbeat sound that the 2000s rave contained, the first track from Otto Knows for this year couldn’t have been any less satisfying.

Some may remember last year when we praised a remix from the Swedish producer: he gave a creative spin on “Yours to Keep” by Myie— originally a soundtrack for a Netflix show— staying close to the basics with an iterating electro house groove, charming the listener just enough around the breakdown (and not to forget the riveting vocals). The “Million Voices” creator has shifted his base to Tomorrowland Music since the previous year, releasing quirky and unique house tracks such as “Rosa” and “Be Somebody,” all the while keeping a tight control on the “quality over quantity” maxim; the approach has made Otto Knows musical catalog a bag full of gems.

Okay, so “Your Love” now. The song begins on a wide, breezy pad synth that might be familiar to trance listeners. Vocal sampling also comes into the picture, right after which the main star arrives: jaunty rave Detroit chords stabbing a melodic riff. Here’s where the business truly starts, heading into the drop with a thudding 909 kick and the usual hats sequencing. Instant gratification hits with this arrangement, and a breakdown comes only to serve as a transitory moment; the lead synth takes a break as the intro is emulated again for an extended moment, as the lead synth opens up again for the last round of the drop. Here, another synth layer hops in with the stab synths, giving more stereo width and intensity. Without too much change in the parameters, the record goes out with a satisfying climax.

“Your Love” is a high-spirited and bouncy tune that is sure to whisk the crowd back to the good old days, as Otto Knows once again proves his production mastery.

You can listen to “Your Love” here: