Former Berlin Airport Becomes a Nightclub

Reactivating Tegel: A New Beat in Berlin

The transformation of Tegel Airport (TXL) is nothing short of remarkable. Spearheaded by the Turbulence TXL collective, a nod to the airport’s former IATA code, the old Alte Frachtkantine, a brutalist-style orange cafeteria, is now a buzzing event space. This reactivation project isn’t just about music; it’s a cultural confluence, bringing together art, performances, and workshops in a space that can host up to 700 guests. Its architectural design, marked by signature brutalist squares and cubes, adds a unique flair to every event hosted here.

From Runways to Rave-ways: Tegel’s Musical Lift-off

In an aptly named ‘LIFTOFF’ event, Turbulence TXL celebrated the launch of this new venue with an open-air music festival in September. The lineup was stellar, featuring artists like Mareena, Philipp Johan Thimm, Lisbird, and the duo Zebra Katz and S Ruston. Dutch DJ Estella Boersma even shared glimpses of the venue on TikTok, capturing the essence of this new cultural hotspot. Tegel’s transformation into a music and art venue isn’t a first, however. In Autumn 2021, the Sonambiente Berlin festival had already turned the airport’s terminals into a labyrinth of audio compositions and virtual reality installations.

What’s Next for Tegel’s Avant-Garde Transformation?

While the winter season puts a pause on the festivities, Turbulence TXL’s Instagram teases future events. The location, conveniently close to Berlin’s city center and accessible by public transport, is ripe for more groundbreaking events. But there’s more to Tegel’s transformation than just beats and bass. The Tegel Projekt GmbH is leading a comprehensive revitalization of the 500-hectare site. They have plans for affordable housing, education facilities, and public green spaces. The Urban Tech Republic and Schumacher Quartier are set to redefine urban living, blending technology, education, and community living.

For more information on all things Turbulence TXL, check out their official website, here.

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