The iconic Pizzicato comes to rescue with Justin Mylo’s latest track “Rescue Me”!

The iconic Pizzicato comes to rescue with Justin Mylo’s latest track "Rescue Me"!

82%Overall Score

• The Insomnia pluck as lead
• Soulful vocals
• Dance-pop setup

In a fairly interesting move— one not quite expected— Justin Mylo revealed an interesting twist with “Rescue Me,” which came out this weekend. Paired with vocals from the established dance music vocalist Karen Harding, the track is an ode; an homage to the 90s dance classic that we all hold closely: “Insomnia” by Faithless.

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The Pizzicato pluck sound had its apex during the late 90s and early 00s, especially when the British band Faithless came out with their unmatched piece de resistance. Several other trance records incorporated the sound, eventually losing its popularity until revival attempts during recent times. The record from Faithless set a standard hard to break and best to retain— and if done adeptly— sounds as refreshing and euphoric as ever.

Hearing it from STMPD is a surprise, nevertheless. Especially from Justin Mylo, a mainstay in Garrix’s label for a while now. It seems quality is the utmost concern with the former Future Bounce pioneer, as this is his sophomore release for the year. Previously, the Dutch alias released the melodic and festival progressive aligned “Written In The Sky” (featuring Jordan Shaw), which creatively fused future house type leads over an electro-progressive getup and radiant vocals; a solid addition for STMPD.

Taking a different route this time, the “Chasing Shadows” moniker doesn’t beat around the bush and opens his latest track with the instantly mood-setting classic plucks. With a graceful charm, the vocals furnish even more intensity and emotions to the instrumental. The idea isn’t complicated— standard radio and commercially intended dance-pop/house— with the additional trance influences. Right after the breakdown and a simple transition, the drop enters with the pluck synths layered with others, playing a simple yet evocative arpeggio: serving as a straightforward yet elegant hook!

“Rescue Me,” for all intents and purposes, is intended for a wider audience due to its pop-friendly approach; even then, Justin Mylo’s experienced skillsets and Karen Harding’s superlative vocals helped attain that 90s ambiance which most electronic music listeners would not shy away from.

You can listen to “Rescue Me” here: