Franny J. x Sergio Ochoa x J4CKO – Light The Way

Franny J. x Sergio Ochoa x J4CKO - Light The Way

78%Overall Score

• Impressive show of vocals
• Calmer breakdown
• Balanced and well-composed drops

Beating around the bush would be pointless: the sweetness of the vocal is something else here! Created by a familiar Progressive House figure, Franny J. (already acquainted in “Save You” last year), Sergio Ochoa, and J4CKO, “Light The Way” features comfortingly old-school vibes held together with a majestic bassline… And, as said, a wonderful vocal!

Franny J. has achieved new heights in recent months, with releases on Revealed Radar, Seal Network, and Outrave Recordings! The same goes for Sergio Ochoa, who is certainly exploring other genres (Future House Cloud and Future Bass Records) alongside J4CKO (FHC, ARWV Records).

The trio, together, mixes the two Progressive House producers with Sergio Ochoa and his versatility with other styles, and the outcome is more soothing than usual. The breakdown remains serene, with orchestral backing that hints at a Future Bass-type vibe, while the vocal is like a lullaby, sweet and intriguing to the point I was curious to know the performer’s alias!

Then, the expected drop kicks in.

As a long-time admirer of this genre, I was fascinated by the liveliness of the melody and polished, clean lead sound while the bassline remained in the predictable territory. Nevertheless, a praiseworthy result, considering that it is a genre that rarely packs a surprise these days.

“Light The Way” is a passionate team-up of three talented names. Particularly, the breakdown is plenty enjoyable, which offers an engaging proportion between the base and vocal, and definitely deserves an endorsement!

You can listen to “Light The Way” here:

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