Cuebrick – Disco Pogo

Cuebrick - Disco Pogo

76%Overall Score

• Subtle rework on the drop part
• The first section is still intact
• A fitting bassline for the peculiar vocal

“Disco Pogo” from the German duo Die Atzen has always fascinated me back in the days as perhaps one of the noisiest songs to date. The dirty Electro House lead charging the whole structure together with the German vocal (not the most delicate language around), is a deadly combination. I remember blasting it out loud with my friends as a joke.

Years later, Cuebrick picked up the old-school banger and successfully transformed it for a modern crowd. Not an easy task to pull off, as “Disco Pogo” has eccentric features that could clash with remixing attempts.

That’s why the Mannheim-based alias played it safely, adhering to the mantra: that lead MUST NOT be touched, for it’s the core of that hit. He rather altered the drop, which featured Electro House bass synths fused together to Dutch House lead and the original vocals, into something that would fit the trend. The changes although subtle, make everything more modernistic with hints of progressive in the melody.

Well, color me surprised: A brutal Big Room drop in Blasterjaxx style was maybe an easier solution here. While this nuanced change works in keeping the original’s vibe intact, in the end, turns this rework a tad difficult to remember. The 2010 version still has the zing, yet this remains genuinely appreciable!

You can listen to “Disco Pogo” here:

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