VINAI, Lucas Estrada, Moonshine ft. Polarwulf – In The Dark

VINAI, Lucas Estrada, Moonshine ft. Polarwulf - In The Dark

73%Overall Score

• Tropical House with Robin Schulz influences
• Plenty of presence from
Lucas Estrada
• Superlative debut from vocalist

From the minds of five artists together, the VINAI brothers are making us used to several hits (and misses) in the past, and thus I waited for something more satisfying! “In The Dark”, produced by VINAI, Lucas Estrada, and Moonshine via LoudKult (a joint venture with Sony Music France), is a cozy record that emanates Estrada’s specialty in plenty, with a pinch of Robin Schulz. The said artist is particularly focused on this relaxing end of House music, packed with tropical and summery features.

There is the archetypal guitar, a wobbling lead popping up here and there in the riff, and almost nothing else worth mentioning. Although, it would be hasty to conclude it without citing Polarwulf‘s contribution: a stunning vocal, this debut is remarkable as his discography just started out with this song apparently!

Impressive output, with a warm and melancholic performance that fuses smoothly with the base, enhancing “In The Dark” for the entirety of its act.

Since I am only hearing Lucas Estrada here, it makes me wonder whether the other creators were… Whatever. Despite its conventional layout, “In The Dark” is a great recommendation while chilling out, with one of the best vocals I’ve heard recently!

You can listen to “In The Dark” here:

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