Tom & Jame – Wipe Away Your Tears

Tom & Jame - Wipe Away Your Tears

80%Overall Score

• Hypnotic vocal loop from a reggae sample
• Elegant twist of genres with a retrò vibe
• Solid set of percussions

On one side, I miss the Electro House style from the likes of Tom & Jame, the Dutch pair that were at the forefront of Revealed Recording’s peak… Their dirty drops were remarkably out of this world. However, time passed and the duo reinvented themselves after a short break, going for Future and Tech House releases supported via independent channels and esteemed labels, such as HEXAGON and FHC.

Utilizing an engaging presentation on their socials as an effective commercial weapon, the duo has garnered an impressive number of requests for “Wipe Away Your Tears”, which finally came out on all platforms. The peculiarity of this creation thrives on its reggae sampling, which forms a comfy and retro atmosphere enriched by the clever use of percussions and other instruments.

It is the kind of experimental Tech House that I am craving, with a standout personality and hypnotic tone. The kick strikes hard, but the vocals include a layer of icing that makes the final outcome balanced in its own way. Besides, there are a couple of old-school chords in the background that specifically called for my attention with their elegance. A very fun drop indeed, something I could put on a loop and repeat for days…

“Wipe Away Your Tears” is a buoyant track with a classic vibe and a lot seriously, a LOT to say about the musical intellect of this Dutch alias. Extremely impressive, T&J has convinced me to pay closer attention to their future releases!

You can listen to “Wipe Away Your Tears” here:

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