R3HAB, Timmy Trumpet, W&W – Poison

R3HAB, Timmy Trumpet, W&W - Poison

30%Overall Score

• Generic Big Room structure
• Apparently the artists didn’t put so much effort in promotions…
• Unnecessary existence

I can smell the desire of gaining easy streams with the fewest effort possible just by looking at the names, which should be impressive… In theory.

W&W, Timmy Trumpet and R3HAB joined forces AGAIN for Tomorrowland Music and created “Poison”, another forgettable tune that could have so much potential but smells of rotten laziness from a thousand miles. Let’s see what we have here, before even listening to the track.

No trace of “Poison” on Instagram except for two identical posts from Timmy and R3HAB (W&W didn’t even mentioned it) and a couple of stories with the song’s ad. “Poison” has never been played at Tomorrowland (oh, the irony): 1001 tracklist begins tracking it only a few days before the release, hidden in minor radioshows. It just popped out of nowhere, which is weird because we have the #8, #13 and #18 in the world together!

Ah, then the structure. “Poison” is slightly better than “Distant Memory”, which was released in 2021 and was so boring that I completely forgot about its existence, but there isn’t anything worth mentioning. Just some W&W (if they actually made it) attempt to make Psy with an Electro House lead and no passion, something used and overused.

I’ll tell you that. Behind Tomorrowland there is an intricate system of contracts and favoritism, and this (apparently) huge collaboration is just a way to make some manager happy and grab easy money for this week’s release series, focusing on the importance of the names in the title. Which is not fair, as fans are clicking on it because they want good and interesting music from producers at the top of their respective fields, as it happened with “Tricky Tricky” for example, where Timmy and W&W synergized perfectly.

“Poison” is unnecessary, without a soul, the product of a pure business decision. Not worth your time, but even if you are willing to try it, at least don’t use official channels. Let’s boycott these artificial collaborations.

You can listen to “Poison” here:

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