Benny Benassi – One More Night

Benny Benassi - One More Night

85%Overall Score

• A passionate show from the vocals
• Delicate mix of Piano House and Future House
• Nostalgic final outcome, impressive dynamism

Benny Benassi has been around for so long that it’s hard to remember his particular sonic signature and what to expect… As an established alias, he has experimented with most genres in electronic music, often to an impressive degree, with some forgettable outcomes.

“One More Night” is the latest initiative from the Italian pioneer, released via Ultra music with Bryn Christopher. From the thumbnail, the track seemed like an emotional tune, nothing more. I was genuinely surprised because there is a lot to dig into here!

The British singer-songwriter has a remarkable voice, tinged with warm and emotional notes and heartfelt from the first moment itself. The composition is wistful and melancholic, and the “Satisfaction” creator pounced on that like an opportunistic predator, implanting his specialty with the ambiance. The instrumental functions on a cocktail of influences, ranging from Piano House style to Future/Deep House scheme in the percussion, even having hints of Tropical elements in the drums (of which I am unsure). Nevertheless, the result is a nostalgic showcase, where the formidable pairing of the piano, percussions, and Bryn’s radiant vocals altogether are greatly sentimental. The drop doesn’t overwhelm, having a slight increase in its vigor with a few, well-selected drums as finishing touches.

One can appraise Benassi’s experience in “One More Night”, which even with a simpler set-up, works on a stunning sound design that hits exactly in the spot as intended by the artists involved. Listening the second, third or fourth time, there are plenty of hidden details to uncover, which turns it more complex and thorough than expected. It plays on the heartstrings with an engaged and dynamic atmosphere.

Nostalgia, euphoric and bittersweet: that’s what I experienced after this song concluded. A rollercoaster of emotions!

You can listen to “One More Night” here:

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