Kelvin Wiedenhoff – No Drugs From Amsterdam

Kelvin Wiedenhoff - No Drugs From Amsterdam

71%Overall Score

• Apparently unrelated to Mau P
• Genial vocal choice, even less family-friendly
• Slappy bassline with melodic elements

While I found Maurice West’s (now Mau P) trending hit “Drugs From Amsterdam” a bit over the top and overrated since he mainly focused on the theme rather than the music itself (which is an effective Tech House beat), it serves a handy lesson. There’s a huge difference in EDM between nominating a generic title like “Hands Up” or “Go Down” and then making it tell a narrative. A trivial story, in this case, but hey, that’s the fun right?

Such as in a Tik Tok duet, “Drugs From Amsterdam” has met its polar comeback… “No Drugs From Amsterdam”! This is Slap House, not the other kind as its brazen counterpart, and the author here is Kelvin Wiedenhoff, who apparently picked up the Dutch creator’s idea and modified it into a more ‘family-friendly’ arrangement. Also, reviewer compatible might I add, as this comes under my usual preferences.

Well, I would be pulling your leg if I kept up with the “family-friendly” joke here.

A few seconds into the song, lyrics such as “We don’t get drugs from Amsterdam, we got a private jet to Medellin (Colombia), we get it on” suggest otherwise. That’s the innocent message from Kelvin, which is comical as I was expecting something unusual. The Slap House beat remains typical to standards of the style, fashioned with the usual bouncy bassline and other additives. Apart from these, the vocal is the main attraction here. It’s something clearly created to be shared in a 10-15 seconds snippet on social media as it doesn’t last long.

So, “No Drugs From Amsterdam” is a Tik Tok-ready tune, which is not always a despicable thing. Listen and you might get a few laughs from the vocals, groove with the drop, and be less serious in a world full of generic ideas.

You can listen to “No Drugs From Amsterdam” here:

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