Tom East – With You

Tom East - With You

80%Overall Score

• Warm atmosphere
• Impressive vocal performance
• Colorful sequence of percussions

Released via Gahara Records, “With You” is what I was hoping for when getting acquainted with MEDUZA… before my hopeful expectations were crushed by listening to the same overused Brazilian Bass formula, over and over again.

Its creator, Tom East, has several interesting releases ranging from Future Bass to Tech House, with experiments such as the exotic “La Vida” with notable labels such as Syrup Music in his discography. After a quick listen, it is surprising to hear a completely different direction taken in “With You”.

A sort of amalgam between Deep House and Tropical influences, it is further enriched by a superb vocal and a colorful sequence of percussions. A summery tune that radiates warm in midst of December too!

The real idea is to veer away from the boring, sparser drops that we are used to hearing in Deep House; the set-up here has plenty of smaller details accompanying the mumbled vocal loop. Simple yet terrific, this track feels more alive than ever, even exaggerating a bit towards the end with heavier drums than expected.

Emphasizing the excellent performance from the vocalist is the breakdown, which remains enjoyable as well. Starting gradually, the climax ascends without pauses, in a linear fashion right into the drop section!

There’s a ton of fun with Tom East’s latest work, which in my opinion, is extremely underrated. “With You” is a warming experience to have this winter!

You can listen to “With You” here:

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