RHV3R – Deathvoice

RHV3R - Deathvoice

75%Overall Score

• Mysterious alias and suspenseful track
• Unpredictable structure with surprises
• Doesn’t incline to usual Phonk traits

Having been bombarded by Phonk releases lately (a clear sign of the genre’s maturity towards a trending phenomenon), many trap producers signing onto the new style. Nothing wrong with that, although when I come across trivial and generic copy-pasted formula, I suffer.

Thankfully, projects such as RHV3R can usher fresh, innovative vibes into this style! The enigmatic group debuted with “Deathvoice”, a Phonk release that opts for a slower pace and a darker, mysterious persona…

They didn’t make things easy for me, as I had next to nothing in terms of info about this get-together of artists, except for the fact that their debut is released via Be Yourself Music (a prominent label)… So perhaps the members are probably working with other aliases in the scene.

What’s more interesting is the music, as always. “Deathvoice” has an ethereal and minimal aura, dropping the overused vocal samples and isolating the listener with abrupt silences. The bassline only kicks in during specific moments, and the overall outcome tends toward unpredictability: so when I was expecting a drop, “Deathvoice” stopped. Then during a breakdown, the bass leaps in unannounced… and everything turns eerie with that lead, remaining ominous in the background.

It could have been a simple and repetitive experience, yet there is something that sets me off in RHV3R’s signature, and gosh, I like that! This impressive debut will keep me busy until their next project, meanwhile.

You can listen to “Deathvoice” here:

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