Goom Gum Release Explosive New Track ‘Legion’

Start working on your hip mobility because you will be dancing all night with this track on repeat. The Russian DJ duo Goom Gum come forth with a smasher release on their Label Avtook Records. ‘Legion’ is their newest song, which has already been supported by Tale of Us and Brina Knauss. In addition, the release follows a streak of incredible Melodic Techno tracks such as ‘Pantheon’ with Argy and ‘Soma’, which have boosted the duo’s popularity this year.

We are a Legion…

Legion is extremely dynamic and smooth. The track follows a regular progressive beat, but it exponentially adds different percussion elements that increase the hype of the song. However, the real protagonist of the song is a snare drum. The sound is so iconic, it feels like a marching band is playing alongside the djs. All I can think of is the Drumline movie merged with Melodic Techno, I respect that.

It requires a lot of skill to create something special and non repetitive, especially as Melodic Techno keeps growing in fan base and many producers release tracks. This song delivers a fun and unique perspective that was carefully constructed. Goom Gum is here to stay! We are a Legion