How the dance music world reacted to Daft Punk splitting up

To put it bluntly, Daft Punks impact on the entire world was profound. So with the news of the French electronic pioneers calling it quits after 28 years, the entire dance and electronic community has been predictably saddened, almost as if they’d passed and for some, the feeling isn’t too far off the mark.

The reality is their music crossed boundaries in part to the origins of most of their discography firmed rooted in catchy samples taken from the 70s and 80s soul, funk and blues world. From there, they chopped, pitched and flipped those samples, added their own french touch and in turn found fans in all spectrums around the globe.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a DJ, from the bedroom to the club that hasn’t given any number of their hits a spin over the years and seen a dancefloor light up almost instantly. From ‘Around The World’ to ‘One More Time’ to ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” or the countless remixes, there’s a track that’ll make your feet move or spin tingle every single time.

Over the course of the 28 years was multiple albums, remixes, Grammy noms and wins and even film scores as well as layers of collaborations and their own obscure movie madness that still feels as fresh today as it was when released.

Add to that is arguably one of the best live shows by an electronic act, if not ANY musical act for its scale and raw energy. Whether it was catching some footage online or finding yourself firmly in front of the ‘Alive’ pyramid you knew exactly that Daft Punk was not fucking around.

The irony isn’t lost either of what stereotypically is two, introverted and possibly bordering coarse French men actually spawning a discography filled with melodic and warm tracks that have done a whole lot of healing and inspiring.

That’s why after a quick scan of any social channels today you’d quickly see that artists from all genres that felt a connection to the French producers and their music. Below are some takes from those artists and fans;

I was invited to be part of their journey on two of the most brilliant albums ever made. Working with them taught me how…

Posted by Todd Edwards on Monday, February 22, 2021

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