How To (Maybe) Win VIP Tickets to Lost Lands or Bass Canyon

With the course of events happening in the world, it is hard to see the silver lining – free VIP tickets to Lost Lands though – pretty stellar silver lining.

Holding us down through the quarantine with many artists, Excision has not skipped a beat. Not only did Excision recently drop his new record label, Subsidia Records, he also dropped 118 on the label, and mastered the art of virtual festivals. From headlining a major virtual festival, being mindful of the community, and importantly, giving us hope for the future, our political future. So, headbangers listen up, want to possibly win free VIP tickets to Lost Lands or Bass Canyon. How? By simply checking your voter registration. Read below for more info. 

Win Free VIP Tickets to Lost Lands or Bass Canyon

With the developing global pandemic, politics, and climate change, ravers have adapted, evolved, and accepted the odds. But, it’s the artists like Excision that has made this experience hopeful. Back in August, Excision mentioned doing a Bass Canyon/ Lost Lands giveaway to bring awareness on thas created he voter registration. In a recent interview with Forbes, Excision dove deep about various topics from his inspirations on the label, advice to his future self, and one most important, to vote. Some highlights of the interview with Excision are: 

“I really want everyone who reads this to register to vote. This goes for every country in the world.

“There is so much discussion over changes that we want to make in the world, which is great, but so many young people who I care about don’t vote,” 

Even if you don’t think the person you want to win will win or will win without your vote, more young people voting will show politicians that they need to create policies that benefit young people to try and get your votes in the future.

You can enter by simply checking their voter registration via Excision’s link. A winner will be chosen at random and the deadline to enter is October 1st, 2020. For more information, click here.