Hybrasil Unveils Exclusive Beatport Release: Exploring New Sonic Frontiers with ‘Taured EP’

Berlin-based Producer, and Techno LIVE artist Hybrasil unveils his latest production, a 2-track Techno EP featuring the tracks ‘Taured’ and ‘Birog’; set for release via his imprint, that also shares his artistic name, this captivating new release showcases the Producer’s signature sound through sonically intense soundscapes and powerfully hard-hitting mixes. Since launching his project in 2016, Hybrasil has focused on musical exploration and experimentation, inspired by the landscape of his Irish heritage and the vibrant energy of the Berlin underground scene, his sound emerges as a sonic exploration of the ancient paired with the futuristic.  

Hybrasil’s fascinating approach to musical production and live performance marks his name as one to watch closely as he continues to climb higher on the list of innovative Producers in Electronic Music. His powerful productions have received radio support from VIP names like Carl Cox and Alan Fitzpatrick, to name a couple, and have reached charting positions across streaming platforms, including the Beatport Techno Top 100. As he continues to build momentum with his hypnotising productions, Hybrasil presents these unmissable two singles that are poised to become a firm favourite for all his followers and fans of the genre. 

Sonically charged with a driving beat and underlying bassline, ‘Birog’ guides listeners into a powerful groove, taking them on an auditory adventure through punchy synths and shuffled rhythms. The thumping beat and full-bodied chords continue through the track, building a tense anticipation that is only relieved during the synth-led breakdowns.  

On the title track ‘Taured’, a thumping beat starts the sonic journey, as a pulsing synth drone and bouncy bassline join to add colourful flavour to the mix. The low-end drives momentum through the track, as dynamic rhythmic elements and filtered sonic details add layers of depth to the soundscape, energising listeners with an infectiously groovy beat that keeps the vibes up throughout the track. Displaying Hybrasil’s signature sound, these fresh tracks immerse listeners in hypnotising soundscapes and captivating grooves; a hard-hitting release, this new production brings an intense energy that is sure to invigorate dancefloors around the world.  

Hybrasil’s continuous search for compelling and potent sounds sets him apart from his peers within the Electronic Music realm; as he continues to push his own boundaries through his composition and production style, Hybrasil is on the path to reach new milestones as he continues to drop striking new productions. Don’t forget to follow him across social media to be updated on his latest releases and upcoming projects.  

The 2-track EP is out now and available exclusively on Beatport. 

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