I “Irrationally” dig this one! TGAO and Scarlett present a blend of hypnotic vocals and straight-hitting kicks

• The relentless kick keeps you moving
• Eurodance meets Techno
• Fun, danceable anthem

“Irrational” caught me off guard, emerging out of nowhere with its hypnotic vocals and punchy kicks courtesy of TGAO, featuring the captivating vocal stylings of Scarlett—a release on Soave that demands attention.

This production boasts a captivating simplicity, with a straightforward yet effective concept at its core. TGAO’s vision is to fuse modern Techno elements, particularly the relentless, hard-hitting kick, with a Euro Dance framework, resulting in a danceable and contemporary anthem.

For some reason, Scarlett’s vocals over this type of beat remind me of “Butterfly” by Smile, released in 1998. And that’s a compliment, as that infectious hit has lingered in the ears of millions for decades—a feat any artist would aspire to. Similarly, “Irrational” struck a chord with me within seconds, compelling me to hit repeat for an extended period.

The fusion of Eurodance and Techno elements in “Irrational” creates a magnetic pull, drawing listeners into its infectious groove. The track’s relentless kick keeps you moving, while Scarlett’s vocals add a layer of hypnotic allure, making it impossible to resist.

Overall, “Irrational” is a testament to the power of simplicity in music—a potent combination of elements that captivate the senses and keep you coming back for more. Get ready to lose yourself in its irresistible rhythm and infectious energy.

You can listen to “Irrational” here:

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