Icarus Kicks Off ‘Endless’ Remix Bundle With Take On Marsh’s ‘All Night Long’

The duo has come up with an ingenious underground twist for the vocal hit from Tom‘s album.

Marsh‘s Endless is one of those albums you don’t come across very often: it’s a lovely journey from start to finish, exploring the whole range of sounds he has to offer. And given its success not only production-wise but also with how well it’s performed all over the world with Tom sailing the tour ship, it was bound to happen that the album was reworked in the form of a series of remixes.

And here comes the first of many remixes to slowly see the light of day: Endless’ seventh track, ‘All Night Long‘ just got a banging remix from none other than UK-based duo Icarus.

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‘All Night Long (Icarus Remix)’

Premiered by Marsh on his DJ Mag live stream back in April, this remix takes the original deeper into the underground scene. You’ll find a much less melodic and much more banging composition, even produced in a different key, effectively crafting a whole new track from the original.

Get ready for a side-to-side dancing session all night long while getting a hold of new elements popping up every now and then — a static stab rhythm, a tube melody, melodic background textures, and original elements such as the vocal loop and the melody arpeggio which screams “Marsh“, all properly placed over a bed of tasty sequencer drums. Something about those drum machines, man. Age like wine.

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