if found x Becko – Alive

if found x Becko - Alive

85%Overall Score

• Filled with switches and transitions
• Punk rock features such as guitars
• Breaks minimality for an energetic, complex setup

Today’s choice is- trust me, a real gem. We’ve already discussed ‘if found’, a few months ago thanks to his notable release on NCS, so it’s time for a follow-up. The American creator is on fire lately, with several releases and flips that kept me busy for at least an hour while researching for this review. The edits on “Forget Me Too” by MGK and “Stay” by Justin Bieber and The Kid Laroi are remarkable, and if you have time to spare, then listen to “Against Time” and “Gone” remixes. But first, let’s not forget about “Alive”.

The signature style that can be found within is a heavily glitched, melodic dubstep structure filled with switches and variations, often to surprising degrees. Not the lightest sound design I would listen to, especially in the loop, but from a reviewer’s point of view, this is gold because there are tons of pieces to describe. Take that, minimalism!

“Alive” puts up a nice vocal from Becko (who shares important works with Razihel and ANGEMI), blending elegantly with an insane base constructed by the Californian act. Powerful electric guitars introduce themselves in the first sequence, then the blueprint turns more into Dubstep. Everything is so energetic and ready to explode, especially in the pre-drop where I craved for that screaming transition. As we often experience in this sort of EDM, the first drop is more brutal and melodic, while the final one is usually more ‘delicate’. The continuous transformations used by if found are intricate to master, yet the outcome is smooth as silk, fused with a punk-like atmosphere that is trending more than ever. Take a moment and let go of your thoughts while appreciating the complex setup, because it’s a rare beauty.

Long story short, “Alive” is something that Dubstep connoisseurs, but also general people like me would love. The presence of a punk rock vibe, especially around the breakdown, is a huge point of strength.

You can listen to “Alive” here:

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