ilan Bluestone & Oliver Smith Unveil Long-Awaited Collaboration ‘Blue Eagle’

We had been waiting for this one to come out for what felt like forever. It’s finally out, everyone!

Today is a good day, folks. Collaborations between artists are often really exciting, since you get the chance to experiment a true blend of styles, sounds and techniques. Add to the hype, today’s collaborators are none other than leading Progressive Trance maestros ilan Bluestone and Oliver Smith. Each with its story, each with its legendary tracks.

Also, add to the hype, this collaboration was first teased a handful of years ago. After famously being a part of Above & Beyond‘s Prague ABGT350 set in 2019, this track went under the radar for a long, long while. Fans even popularly claimed this was a part of the so-called Anjunadungeon. That was, until today. Say hello to ‘Blue Eagle‘.

Blue Eagle

The groove of Mr. Bluestone, plus the design of Mr. Smith, and an overall array of elements that belong to both in equal parts. ‘Blue Eagle’ is one of those songs that sticks with you and sits with its melody right in the middle of your brain.

The song starts out strong, with bass growls, a fat snare, and several textures paving the way. Listen to that melody right after the eagle, for you’ll be singing it for a while. The break hits you with the unmistakable aura of Trance being written, with airy pads, and wide atmospheres. The main part of the break, though, features ilan’s melodies, and Olli’s leads, plus a hard clap to lift your arms in the air and engage.

The drop is in itself a wonder of Progressive Trance, making good use of both of the artist’s styles and crafting something that screams Anjunabeats all over.

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