Not far from satisfaction: A review of Benny Benassi & Goodboys’ teamwork

Not far from satisfaction: A review of Benny Benassi & Goodboys’ teamwork

85%Overall Score

• 2000s vibes
• Progressive, melodic drops
• Instantly appealing vocals

Catching attention off-guard with unexpected team efforts is the unlikely duo of Benny Benassi and Goodboys: both names that have made strides in the dance music scene respectively. “Further Away,” which is their latest record, has an impressive production work that demands further attention.

What perhaps gives this track so much edge is simply the studio partnership of two experts. Benny Benassi is a veteran in the industry by this point, an electro-house pioneer who had more than a moderate share of success in the pop industry as well. The British pair Goodboys are known to contemporary audiences for their signature vocals, as their reputation has upshot in the last few years. And what comes out of a creative deal between a versatile producer and a skillful vocalist? That’s right, a hot record for the clubs!

Starting right off, the track introduces a basic electro pluck which you might have heard ample times, both in pop and dance music. But in this context, there’s an instant throwback to that late 2000s music as a sizeable vocal presence from the Goodboys takes over. This setup is not dismissed cheaply, but rather taken seriously with a strong transition with the pluck opening up into a melodic techno-infused deep house drop(?). Well, genre labeling is up for debates, so we focused on the specifics.

The drop kicks in with arp-led synths over a marching bassline cadence, pretty straightforward but considering the context, it works. Of course, the choice of melody and pacing here further leans toward that trance-derivative sound that matches the breakdown’s aesthetics. And not to sideline the finer details, while not necessarily providing many variations, the production remains balanced with nifty songwriting. The duration also doesn’t fall too short, and nearly three minutes give just enough time for the arrangements to flesh out without abrupt transitions.

Composed with expertise, “Farther Away” demonstrates what happens when two well-established aliases get together. Benny Benassi’s production expertise with Goodboy’s vocal act has an irresistible charm that satisfied us plenty.

You can listen to “Further Away” here: