[INTERVIEW] Olivier Weiter Discusses Latest EP and Plans for 2024

Olivier Weiter is a very innovative House and Techno producer based in Amsterdam. The producer got his start in Amsterdam’s famous underground music scene and since then, his career has seen performed at numerous festivals and events around the world, as well as creating his own label, WEITER. Before 2023 came to an end, Olivier Weiter released his latest 3-track EP, Tuscan, a groovy and melodic release that flowed very eloquently. Here is EDMTunes’ exclusive interview with Olivier Weiter as he discusses the EP, his newest project, touring plans, and the future of the WEITER label. Also, follow Olivier Weiter on Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram, and his official website.

*Featured Cover Photo Credit: Olivier Weiter

Ken Ngo: Hello and Happy 2024! You ended 2023 by releasing your latest EP, Tuscan. What made this EP from you, Olivier Weiter, stand out compared to past releases?

Olivier Weiter: Happy New Year! What stands out the most is the overall sound of the EP. I think I have developed my sound even more than I ever did. It’s my first 3-track EP since a long time – actually I think it’s my first ever – without any remixes. It’s a milestone for me for sure.

Aside from the title track itself, the other tracks of the EP are ‘Lucca’ and ‘Giorgio’. Which creative aspects of the three tracks, in your opinion, connect the songs together, and which make them differ from each other?

The red line in all the tracks is for sure the melodic part. They all have some sort of “anthem” vibe, caused by the euphoric melodic element. Long notes, a bit over the top progressions. Focused on the peak time dancefloor moments. What differs the tracks from eachother is the groove. Two tracks are more groovy, rolling in the drums, while Lucca has a more 4/4 approach, with a bit more focus on the snare drums.

From what we understand, the three tracks on the Tuscan EP have influences from childhood memories of visiting Tuscany with your brother. Do you have any favorite memories that relate to those tracks?

It’s about experiencing total freedom, without any boundaries. You are young, exploring a unknown country, together with your brothers. Too young to know what’s really going on in the world – just being a kid. That feeling is something which I often think of nowadays. We should all be more like kids, that would make the world a much better place.

To end 2023 amazingly, you performed a B2B set alongside Miss Melera at Het Sieraad in Amsterdam on New Year’s Eve. How did the NYE experience felt for you on that night at Het Sieraad?

NYE has never been my favourite night to play shows, because most of the time the people who go out that night don’t really go out for the music, but just go out to get drunk with friends because it’s NYE. I’m so happy this was not the case during our 2nd NYE all-nighter at Het Sieraad. Again, one for the books. There was a line already at 22.00 o’clock, so many music lovers. A crowd that really went all-in to have a good time together, and really went for the musical journey. That’s very special during NYE. What a night! Couldn’t wish for a better start of the year!

Speaking of New Year’s Eve, you announced a new project on that day. Can you explain a little bit about this project?

Oh yes, I started with my own wodka brand called “WEITER Wodka”. That night I had my first batch ready for consumption. It’s a very smooth, silky wodka which is perfect for a night out. Nightlife distilled. I’m a huge wodka lover and always dreamed of having my own brand. It’s made from 100% potato, which gives a unique twist in the taste. The official production starts end of February – you can already sign up on www.weiterwodka.com so you won’t miss the first batch!

What makes this project stand out from past projects?

It’s something which has nothing to do with music – but which is still very close to me as a person. I’m a wodka lover, it’s a drink that captures the nightlife for me. And I think it goes really well besides all my music projects. It’s a part of me as well, the whole food and beverage thing. I’m a foodie, so who knows what else I’m going to start after this drink.

Do you have any future touring plans overseas, especially in North America?

Yes for sure, we are working on a South America tour and hopefully we can connect North America as well. Also, India is coming up, and would love to do something in Australia. Working on it! It has been a while since my last visit to North America – but always love the vibe over there. Especially In Montreal and Toronto, both have a special place in my heart.

What do you think will happen for the WEITER label in the year 2024?

I will focus on some originals from my side, and afterwards, I want to release a remix album with some of my personal favourite artists – would be a dream to let a top 5 remix my tracks for the label. More info soon!

Olivier Weiter EDMTunes Interview
Photo Credit: Olivier Weiter