This remix won’t leave you alone! P.A.F.F. remixes with a striking combo of Trance and Hyperpop

This remix won't leave you alone! P.A.F.F. remixes with a striking combo of Trance and Hyperpop

88%Overall Score

• The vocal loop is amped up
• Hyperpop and 2000s Trance, with a nostalgic piano
• Look at how the trend’s evolving!

This remix from P.A.F.F. makes me so happy— not only have I rediscovered “leavemealone” from Fred Again (a certifiable masterpiece)— but it’s a suitable case of the potential held by the “Euro Trance” trend kickstarted by Calvin Harris last year. This remix unfortunately isn’t listed on Spotify; I would have loved to blast this at full volume by including it on the Deluxe Selection playlist!

P.A.F.F., who I have followed for a while now (have to recommend his Trap/Hard-Dance remix of “Stampede” with Major Lazer), put his hands on “leavemealone” by Fred Again.. and Baby Keem for an entirely fresh new take.

And let me say the original is already a work of art, it should be hard to make a complementing remix: that is until I heard the combination at work on this version.

The way the Actual Life creator used a hypnotic vocal loop completely fascinates me, it is perfect material for a Trance twist. They simply “click”. P.A.F.F. made a perfect choice, dousing the breakdown (which I found flat originally) with a nostalgic piano riff; later adding a pure 2000s-style bass to the drop, turning it bouncy. It’s that Hyperpop-Euro Trance hybrid that’s going viral, with the aggressive roots of the artist well placed in the background— a stunning merge between the unique vocal loop and the piano giving a sprinkle of melancholy to the mix. What. A. Result!

And that’s not all the surprises! The last drop is more peculiar with P.A.F.F. limiting the piano and increasing the rhythmic beat with a trap crossover! I loved this part especially since it’s a “tribute” to his original Festival Trap style, something I thought was impossible to achieve in this scenario— but there we go!

“leavemealone” was already a solid contender for track of the year back then, but hearing this wild take, in line with recent trends with a glance at the past, satisfied me plenty.

You can listen to “leavemealone” here: