This is Bhrams, but Techno: Marnage reworks a classic in “Classics Never Die”

This is Bhrams, but Techno: Marnage reworks a classic in "Classics Never Die"

75%Overall Score

• Orchestral melody
• Something’s missing… Violins?
• Fresh spin on the drop

The trend of blending classical music with EDM elements hasn’t escaped me, and I like it quite a lot: probably because of the impressive results from different perspectives. It’s the case in several Sinphony releases, starting from the compilation released a few weeks back— “SINPHONY NO.1”. In fact, today’s trio appeared there with a similar concept in “AI.MADEUS“. This also happened with this Marnage gem, “Classics Never Die”, released through KSHMR’s Dharma Worldwide, another label avid of creative projects.

The tune samples an 1869 classic, “Hungarian Dance No. 5 in F# Minor (G Minor for Orchestra): Allegro” by Johannes Brahms, who probably rings a bell for EDM listeners. Yes, it’s the same sample used in “Phat Brahms” (2013) from DV&LM, Steve Aoki, and Angger Dimas.

Here although, I liked how the breakdown isn’t heavy-handed, as the Italian trio creates a different vibe; intrinsically blending a Big Room Trance lead. The drop is particularly progressive in mentality, with a techno lead and the familiar melody resonating together in this modern twist. This isn’t afraid to show some simplicity, as many sequences— say the initial break or drop— have few elements to show. The final experience, frankly speaking, sounded like something was amiss, especially in the finale. Yet I consider it part of the strategy for getting the achieved ambiance. Maybe adding more classical instruments like violins or strings could have taken this a step further.

“Classics Never Die” is a perceptive take on a very risky material, as it’s easy to ruin such an unusual sample. The result is creative, quite underground for Dharma’s standards, and testifies that Marnage isn’t afraid to follow this uncommon avenue. Timmy Trumpet likes it: what about the rest?

You can listen to “Classics Never Die” here: