Isenberg – U

Isenberg is an up-and-coming Dallas based producer in the House, UK Bass, and Garage scene who deserves your attention. In the past he's had drops on imprints such as Night Bass, Bite This, IN/ROTATION, Gold Digger, House Call Recs, Pinnacle Collective, DND Recs, 3000 Bass, The Boat House, Box of Cats, and more. His new single “U” is a great introduction to his music if you are not yet familiar, it's a hard-hitting club ready banger. Check it out below now and read a quote from Isenberg on the release. Enjoy!

“’U’ is a conception characterized by the element Uranium. I built the track around the idea that if the element had a sound, what would it be? I wanted it to simulate radioactivity, like the listener could just hear it glowing through the speakers.” – Isenberg