Rising Rapstar Auston Martin Releases Catchy Song Called “Up and Down”

One of the most promising hip-hop artists Auston Martin drops a well-composed track that’s perfect for a summer blast, titled “Up and Down.” A melodic masterpiece, the song makes it impossible to not dance to it as the tunes and beats are some of the catchiest out there. 

The Virginia-based artist always had his eyes on becoming a major musician. The self-producing musician makes his music in various forms and genres like pop, dance music, hip-hop and funk, mixing genres to produce genuine and original music. After venturing into NYC for years of networking and collaborations, Auston Martin finds himself setup with all the needed tools to produce and perform banging songs.

A one of a kind song, “Up and Down” depicts the rave-like ambience the artist wants to create and makes every listener want to move around, jump and dance to its catchy tunes. Auston Martin is well on his way to stardom if he keeps producing gems like “Up and Down” that will set his work apart from the rest!

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