It’s a nice beat! DJ York gives a feel-good remix to They Kiss’ “Synth Pop Beat.”

It’s a nice beat! DJ York gives a feel-good remix to They Kiss’ “Synth Pop Beat.”

83%Overall Score

• Deep and melodic
• Appealing vocals
• Minimal setup

Revealing a superb remix attempt lately is DJ York, remodeling the original “Synth Pop Beat” from duo They Kiss into more dance-floor amicable terms. This version brings out a bittersweet feeling with a smooth layout, a testament to the experience of York’s skillsets combining with the talented vocalist-producer alias.

This track was initially released by the LA-based pair, who have reserved their spot on our blog previously for yet another melodic deep house remix of “Naked” from Zero Fate. Mainly specializing on electro and alt-pop offerings, the duo has built up an attractive musical catalog since their initial upload three years ago.

“Synth Pop Beat” originally appeared as a neon-tinged synthwave production, which picked up DJ York’s attention- The German moniker is a veteran in the dance music industry and best known for the trance classic “On The Beach” (1999), while recently collaborating with the likes of ATB and Au/Ra for “Highs And Lows” (also featured on our blog).

This alternative edition of the song was distributed by Blackhole Recordings and retains a lot of the enticing features with slight modifications, such as the upbeat combination of electro bass and percussion rhythm departing from the slower 80s aesthetics of the original. DJ York didn’t tamper too much, creatively tuning a progressive deep house sound with the ambient details from the duo’s track. This leads to a flowing structure minus intricacies, focusing mostly on delivering a hypnotic vibe evoked by the superlative vocals and instrumental.

Not much needs to be said about this rework of “Synth Pop Beat”: DJ York didn’t under-deliver or overdo the composition, translating the original’s dreamy and wistful attributes to a melodic, deep house design which effectively grabs attention despite having a straightforward groove.

You can listen to “Synth Pop Beat” here: