“Jiggy Woogie” is the real G-House! Don Diablo, Major Lazer and their adventure with Wobbling G-House

• Rework of a rework of “Da Goodness”
• Energetic G-House spin
Don Diablo really added that much-needed bounce!

It’s amusing how this monumental collaboration between Major Lazer and Don Diablo is essentially a rework of “BabyLawd, DLegend – Jiggy Woogie,” which, in turn, draws inspiration from “Da Goodness” by Redman and Busta Rhymes, a classic in the realm of Hip-Hop.

Credit must be given to Baby Lawd for injecting a very unconventional vocal line into an old-school Hip-Hop track with a dash of Dancehall, likely serving as the spark that ignited Major Lazer and Don Diablo’s unexpected intervention.

Today, I’ll be delving into the “EDM” version of “Jiggy Woogie,” although I highly recommend exploring both “Da Goodness” for its initial “woogie” vibe, and Baby Lawd’s version released last October. The vocal has evolved into a daring interpretation of modern G-House, infused with Tech House influences and Don’s trademark energetic basslines.

Premiered at Untold Dubai, this banger seamlessly builds up to a hypnotic climax with a distortion-rich vocal loop before dropping into a wobbling Tech-inspired bassline. The vocal sample works its magic, leaving an indelible impression and a true “G-House” vibe, echoing decades of hip-hop condensed into a single drop. The melody takes on a bouncier tone, with Don Diablo unmistakably leaving his mark on the bassline, while Major Lazer’s influence is felt more in the overall atmosphere and concept. And those lasers in the drop? A delightful touch.

Overall, “Jiggy Woogie” stands out as one of the most mesmerizing tunes I’ve heard in a while, with a concept that’s both clever and well-executed. My only gripe lies with the breakdown, where the trance-ish lead felt somewhat out of place—aside from that, it’s a stroke of genius.

You can listen to “Jiggy Woogie” here:

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