John Summit Releases Luscious and Powerful Track ‘Fade Out’ With MKLA

John Summit is back with a new tune for all. ‘Fade Out’ with MKLA is a beautiful techno tune with a pulsating bassline. MKLA’s blissful lyrics take you on a journey with a loved one. John Summit works his magic with huge tension and releases throughout. Cinematic breaks provide vibes to hold dear ones close. ‘Fade Out’ is now available on all streaming platforms here.

I am a big fan of the second drop and the stuttering vocal chops. It really adds that extra vibe and accompanies the vocal so well. I imagine this one playing as the sun rises, maybe at Club Space? That is John’s favorite place after all, which is why he moved so close.

John Summit has been having a killer year. He shined in 2022 but has gone above and beyond this year. Of course, he might have had the song of the year in Where You Are.’ I think ‘Fade Out’ actually accompanies that one nicely in a set.

He is still on tour going just about everywhere. He will be at Creamfields, E-Zoo, ARC Music Festival, EDC China, and many more destinations.

Make sure to check out ‘Fade Out’ below!